Company overview

We are a leading provider of IT Infrastructure Solutions with vast knowledge and expertise in numerous System Integration deployments. We focus on providing end-to-end high performance IT solutions, for both the enterprise environment as well as the service provider environment. A key consideration for designing solutions for our client is the customer’s investment protection; this is highlighted via the equipment’s superior performance, functionality and upgrade paths.

Our Vision

To be the “most-sought-after” technology partner that provide the highest level of service quality to organizations by 2025.

Our Mission

As a client-centric company, we are committed to working with organizations in order to optimize the use of technology to drive their business growth and competitiveness.

Solution Offerings

Beaconade Networks specializes in providing high-end network technology solutions to enterprises and service providers in the areas of:


  1. Data and Information Security Solutions

  – Public Key Infrastructure Solution

  – Identity and Access Management Solution

  – Perimeter Network Security Solutions

  – Data Loss Prevention Solution

  – Penetration Testing Solution

  1. Collaboration Solutions

     – Video Conferencing Solution

     – Enterprise IP-Based Telephony Solution

     – Call Center Solution

  1. Enterprise Network Infrastructure Solution

      – Enterprise LAN Solution

      – Unified Wireless Solution

  1. Enterprise Physical Security Solution

     – Physical Access Control Solution

     – IP Surveillance Solution

  1. Enterprise Data Center Solution

   – Raised Floor System

    – Fire Detection and Suppression Systems

  1. Connectivity Solution

   – SD-WAN Solution

   – Internet Services

   – Office to Office Connectivity (Intra and Inter State)

   – Headquarter to Branches Connectivity

  1. Data Storage Solutions

   – Storage Area Network (SAN) Solution

    – Cloud Storage Solution

    – Data Replication Solution

    – Electronic Document Management Solution

    – Business Process Management Solution

How can we help you?

Do you need help to set up, operate, expand, restructure, or grow your network locally or internationally? Please talk to us.

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“From our experience we make bold to say without any fear of being contradicted that Beaconade stands out taller that the rest in terms of Network Support nd Data Center Solutions in Nigeria.”

Silas Haruna
MD/CEO, GalaxyConnect
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